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At present AΦR research group consists of:

Tomasz Mróz, Ph.D., originator of AΦR group, principal investigator in projects related to AΦR, author, lecturer, editor. Brief information on his CV is available here, while full list of his works can be found here. E-mail: T.Mroz@ifil.uz.zgora.pl

Adrian Habura, M.A., a student in doctoral school, currently he co-operates in an AΦR-related project and works on his Ph.D dissertation on Władysław Tatarkiewicz’s reception and interpretation of Aristotle. E-mail: adrianhabura12@gmail.com

Mariam Sargsyan Araraty, M. A., joined AΦR research group in October 2021 as a beneficiary of National Science Centre scholarship scheme Preludium Bis 2. She focuses on her dissertation on Henryk Jakubanis’ research in ancient philosophy. E-mail: m.sargsyan93@gmail.com

Person who permanently co-operates with AΦR group:

Una Maclean-Hańćkowiak, M.A., is a person who patiently polishes our English books and papers.

People who effectively co-operated with AΦR group:

Anna Droś, M.A., until 2019 she worked on AΦR topics and co-operated in a research project.